Army Ranger Wing Association


About Us

ARWA was formed in April 2021 so that ex-members of the ARW, who meet the criteria for membership, can keep in touch, mutually support each other, to commemorate our passed colleagues and pay respects to their families, to promote and organise social events for the members, and to encourage the collection/archiving of the history of the unit as seen and experienced by the members of the unit, which will be for our eyes only!

Membership is open to all those who were posted into and served in the unit for a period beyond the probation period, subject to good security and conduct.  Long term attachments who served in the unit may become members.

To mark the long standing and casual link between ex unit members and the unit, the serving Sergeant Major of the unit will be honorary member of the association, to encourage and facilitate keeping in touch with the unit, to build connections with serving members who leave the unit and encourage them to join the association.

An important aspect of the ARWA is tracing ex-members and offering them the membership of the association and building out our network to including as many as possible of our fellow Rangers.