2023 AGM Agenda Items

Dear Member,

Following on from the AGM of the ARWA in March we now ask that you would vote on the two agenda items which were presented on the night.

1. It was proposed by Willie Nugent that the ARWA Annual Membership of €50.00 be reduced to €25.00. It was mentioned by the new Treasurer Justin McDonald that collecting €50.00 bi-annually would be adopted. 

2. It was proposed by Eddie Houston that some form of Veterans Uniform be adapted by the ARWA. It was counter proposed by Frank Faughnan that ARWA remain outside of the normal veterans association dress code and keep the code of anonymity.

Please use the form below to submit your vote for both of the above agenda items.

Closing Date for returns will be the 30th June 2023. 

Kind Regards

Barry Carey
Secretary ARW Association

2023 AGM Agenda Items
1. Reduce the Annual Membership fee of the ARWA to €25.00
2. Adopt a Veterans Uniform for the ARWA